Thursday, October 20, 2011


Sorry for the lack of updates. The internet in Hawaii has been messing with me lately and I only like to update a la computer.

So anyways, Oahu is amazing. Most of my days have consisted of laying on the beach, walking around town and finding snacks to eat. Literally, I have turned 4 shades darker than I was when I left. When I first got here, I was greeted at the gate by a Lei greeter who gave me a lei of purple orchids. I was so hungry that I almost started nibbling on it. But I found a bus to bring me to a hotel, which I hadn't planned out so I stayed at the Hilton in Waikiki Beach for a nice hunk of change, but with a great view and a king size bed. The next day I sat out by the pool, got some food and checked out to look for a hostel to stay in. The first one, which was right around the corner wouldn't let me stay since I don't have a return ticket, but the place I ended up at is really awesome and it's called the Seaside Hostel. I actually extended my stay here because I have met a lot of cool people and they have a fair price, internet and clean rooms.

Things I have done in Oahu:
  • Went to the farmers market in Waikiki, it's was like ten stands, but I got a cucumber and some beans which was nice.
  • Went surfing. We just got boards and attempted on our own I was able to stand up on my knees by the end of the time. But I think I bruised my ribs. 
  • Have been to the beach everyday. Yes mom I'm using sunscreen... on my face.
  • Walked around the main strip. And saw some crazy people, including prostitutes, surfers, tourists and bums. 
  • Befriended one of those bums; he was nice, but a little creepy, so I haven't seen him since. 
  • Had to explain where Vermont was too many times.
  • Found a coconut, but when I tried drinking the milk, almost started crying (it was sour).
  • Went on a closed beach by Bellows Air Force Station (due to training but it was completely empty) It's also rated one of the best beaches in the world which it totally was (think soft, white sand, crystal, clear water).
  • Drove around the Island in a Chevy Traverse 
  • Ate at Ted's Bakery and had a piece of Chocolate Haupia Pie. (Chocolate mouse and coconut cream with a soft crust!)
  • Had some shave ice with azuki beans (kinda like kidney beans that are soft and sweet. But really not good.)
  • Drank a lot of pina coladas, margaritas, and local beers.
  • Stayed out late having a wonderful time with new friends.
So that is it for now, I'm not sure what my plans are for later, I might try to head north up to North Shore, to stay at Backpackers, but I'm not sure if I can get up there without having to pay a lot of money. So we shall see.

But thank you everyone for being so patient! I'm not sure when I will update next, but check out Facebook or give me a call or text!



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