Monday, October 10, 2011

Denver Food. NOM!

So these last few days have been very relaxing for Caitlin and myself. Just sitting around and enjoying our time off, we have discovered some great food places, bad bars, and good football watching locations.

First off, the food.
The first full day we were here (Saturday), Caitlin and I were trying to find some food. She told me of this tasty little brunch place around the corner from her friend's apartment. Did I mention $3 Bloody Mary's and Mimosas? That's what took the cake for me. So we headed out to Shells and Sauce, an Italian eatery with a contemporary flair. The entire menu looked delicious, but Caitlin and I decided for the breakfast skillet and the Eggs Benedict with capicola and grilled tomato. It was so wonderful! Creamy hollandaise sauce over poached eggs, capicola meat (which is Itailan dried sausage), and grilled tomato on soft, but toasty bread and potatoes. They even had siracha! The Bloody Mary's weren't too spicy, but they had a nice bit of heat from the horseradish (my fave) and instead of lemon, lime or olives as a garnish, they had pickled asparagus which was AWESOME.

We sat at the bar where our bartender Chris was funny and helpful for us Denver newbies. Hailing from Georgia, his southern accent stuck out from everyone else. There was one other person at the bar named Ben, who works in the food business as well. The four of us chatted for a while, Caitlin and I explaining to them about the journey we were in the middle of. They of course had sarcastic remarks to my "going to Hawaii to live" story, but I've gotten used to it by now.

The next good food place we went to was yesterday for brunch called El Toro. We checked Urbanspoon before going out and this Mexican place had great reviews so we decided to find it. It was a bit of a hike outside of where Caitlin lives, in this dirty looking building. The inside was small and dark, with one tv, a full bar, a pool table and signs that said "Keep your children seated at all times." That made me happy. Haha, but the food was fantastic and cheap. I had Huevos Rancheros which included, two eggs, meat chili, um, potatoes, and green chili sauce. I got the hottest chili and it was perfect heat. I wasn't sure what to expect since most people's views of hot are mild out east, but this place got it right. With large portions, Caitlin and I were both able to bring home leftovers which we had this morning for breakfast.

Today I'm not sure where we are going to check out, but at the rate we're going at, it will probably be awesome. Til next time friends! :)

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