Thursday, October 6, 2011

The second leg out west

Landing in Rochester was perfect on the first leg of the journey. Allison, Julie and Nicole were wonderful hosts, and since it was Nicole's birthday, they were having a party! So having a pina colada after a 6 hour drive was wonderful. :) With Bridesmaids in the background, Caitlin, myself, and the other six girls hung out, ate pizza and all enjoyed ourselves. We ended up going to bed late, only to wake up early to hit the long road to Wisconsin. So after saying goodbye to everyone and the crazy dogs, we got on the road nice and early to head to Niagara Falls.

We were an hour plus outside of Rochester before I realized that my friend Julie had texted me to tell me I left my green bag there (which included contacts, jewelry, bathroom stuff). Needless to say, we had to turn around. So we ended up being on the road for almost 16 hours yesterday.

But we did see two cool places before we arrived. We went to Anchor Bar in Buffalo, to taste the original Buffalo Wings. We got our hot, since Caitlin and I have very high heat tolerance. But I think that my mom could have ate them. They weren't too spicy and comparable to a medium, even a mild back home. So we got a side of their Suicidal sauce, which was fucking HAWT! haha there were black peppercorns and other hot spices, but it wasn't a buffalo-tabasco based sauce, so we were happy to have the hot sauce. The wings themselves were delicious. perfectly fried, with a crispy skin and tender meat.

After some wings and a beer, we headed out toward Niagara Falls, on the New York side, since we have heard of horror stories of people coming back into the states with packed cars (and Caitlin and I have a lot of stuff), so we opted to stay stateside. We were planning on crossing into Canada by walking but with the three hour delay, we had to keep moving. I liked Niagara Falls, the day was beautiful, the water was turquoise and it had a strong current. We couldn't get a direct view of the falls, but they are still freaking spectacular. And to anyway who cares, no I did not get close to the cliff edge...

After that we headed to Wisconsin, passing through PA, OH, IN, and IL to get there. We ended up hitting Ohio during the sunset, which was so much different than Burlington, only because it was flat, and the sky lasted forever. We were literally driving into the sunset. It was then I wish I had a horse. :)

Needless to say, the end of the journey sucked. Driving through Chicago is worse than New York City, and yes I did that too. I was exhausted as I had drove all day, expecting it to be a shorter trip and by the end of it we had to switch because I was too tired. Caitlin finished the journey strong and we made it to Madison in record time. Dani was so excited on our arrival and we chatted with her for an hour before we decided it was time for bed. Dani had work in the morning and Caitlin and I were beat.

So now we are getting ready for the next leg of the journey to Kansas City to see my friend Emily who I went to England with. She has a bigger love of HP than I do, a witty sense of humor, and is an overall great person. I'm so excited to stay with her since she knows the ropes of the town and will be able to show us some sweet stuff. But Caitlin and I are going to explore State St., Madison's version of B-Towns Church St. which I'm excited for. But I must go shower first. Til next time everyone and mahalo!


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