Saturday, October 8, 2011

Denver baby!

We left early morning yesterday from Kansas City; belly's still full of BBQ and pockets filled with oatmeal cookies. Caitlin started the trek out into the Kansas wilderness to Denver, but we did take some pit stops along the way.

Our first pit stop was in Wamego. For those of you who don't know, that it the home of the OZ museum. Driving off the exit, there was a sign that said "Road to OZ." We got there just a little too early and decided that the peek inside was good enough. Deciding to empty the car of trash and other unnecessary things, it took us the perfect amount of time for the museum to open. We didn't go into the actual museum itself, but we did toll around the gift shop where I got a magnet for the momma (to add to the extensive collection on the fridge) and Caitlin got these cute pair of ruby slippers. She is planning on sending them to her mom's daycare and making up a story about how Dorothy gave them to her to give to the kids. She was very excited that we were able to stop and that she was able to get them.

We got back on the highway and that's when i promptly passed out. 2 hours later, I woke up only to see things had changed slightly. When we first started, there were some rolling hills, corn fields and cows. No more where the rolling hills, but straight flatland. This is what we had expected the entire ride. Caitlin informed be that the hills went away about 30 minutes ago, so she was still getting used to the flatland. We decided that we were happy to have not done the route through Nebraska, since we had heard stories of complete flatness everywhere. But the nice thing about the west is that the speed limit was 75mph because it is so flat, so we were able to make pretty good time. It was a bit windy, so we went able to go too fast, but we come to find out that cruise control doesn't allow you to go past 90mph.

Our next stop was in Colby, KS. Colby is a funny little pit stop because it's the "Oasis of 70" as in it's a huge rest area and they even have fake palm trees! We got gas there and I went to driving and trekked on. The only traffic we hit was in Denver, which was nice because we were only a few miles out from Caitlin's new place which is a nice house with 4 other roommates. The view into Denver was spectacular, with the mountains magically appearing in thin air. We were both excited to see them.

So we spent Caitlin's first night with all of her friends out here (there are about 11 of them) and went to a few bars. The altitude made us really tired, but we continued on hanging out with everyone and then we went home to Caitlin's new place and spent her first night in her new home in her new bed. I don't know about her, but I passed out instantly, only to wake up 10 hours later. So I'm in Denver, which means I'll take a break from blogging, but I might try to put some more photos up. Love and miss everyone! Mahalo!

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