Friday, October 21, 2011

Diamond Head Crater Hiker

So today we hiked Diamond Head, which isn't exactly a hike, but rather a path up a mountain. It was cloudy all day and humid so it wasn't the best day for a hike, but we didn't go at high noon so it definitely was cooler. There was so many tourists though, some people were wearing flip flops. We also saw a Japanese girl who was wearing a fancy dress, like something I would wear to a dance. It was pretty funny. I went with my friends Julia and Elisabeth who are both from Austria. They came on the trip around the island as well along with my friends Mike, Lee (from England) and Alisa (from Switzerland). Later when we got lunch, I finally got some Poke, which is raw ahi tuna with soy sauce, onions and spices. It was actually quite spicier than I expected but it was delicious. And yea, that's all I have done today because it's cloudy and I'm feeling lazy.

Inside the crater

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  1. That's sweet! I actually did that in like...2007 or something, great jungle tunnels/view on the way up