Monday, August 20, 2012

Let's try this again... round 2!

Hello again everyone!

After a year hiatus, recovery from Hawaii and working my gluts off, I am back on a new adventure, this time accompanied by my wonderful boyfriend, Tom. We are both set off for Europe at the end Aug/beginning of Sept. Well, he's Aug and I'm Sept.

I'm leaving Sept 4th from Montreal and going on a direct flight to Athens to see my friend Giannis, whom I met while studying abroad in England. Then I will either be going to Vienna or Prague, depending on if my friends in Austria are able to house me. But I know that my friends in Prague will be able too which is very exciting at Corey and Thea have been there for many months and know the area pretty well by now.

From there I will be meeting Tom in Warsaw, where we will spend a few days before heading off to Moscow to take the Trans-Mongolian Railway to Beijing. We will be making two stops (one in Irkutsk, Russia and one in Mongolia) then staying in Beijing for a bit, then going to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, and then who knows (we're thinking Thailand)! I'm hoping on arriving to Australia in November or December. From there I might go to New Zealand for a few days to see some friends. But that is the new plan! I don't know how much internet service I will have to update this, but I will try my best!

Until the trip!

xxx Joya!

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