Thursday, November 3, 2011

The End

So as you all know, my time in Kona was a little weary. I did end up having a good last night though, hanging out with Mike and Sarah who worked at the hostel with the bugs. Sarah is from Vermont too and so we had a lot of things to chat about. Mike on the other hand was a Californian before he moved out here.

So we ended up hitting up a restaurant/bar called Humpy's and played in the Pub Quiz. After many intense rounds, lots of yelling and no drinks for me (antibiotics), we came in a tie for 3rd place with 40 points. The Winners both had 45 points (not too shabby for only having three people on a team). The two of them brought candy back to my hotel room, which I was in for 3 nights. With a porch overlooking the small cove and ocean, it was quite a site. We ended up going next door though, jumping over the small barrier to the corner room's patio and we got to see the crescent moon over the ocean through the palm tree. If my camera wasn't broken, I would have taken a picture. But they soon left after around 9:45, and I went to bed as I had to catch a flight back to Oahu.

I returned back to the hostel I was at before and was greeted by familiar faces. It was nice to be back, but I knew things would be different this time. Camille, a girl whom I had met very briefly before she left last time she was here, shared the dorm with me. We started chatting and she told me that she was going to the movies for a double feature and I was more than welcomed to join her. Well, movies was just what I needed, as I couldn't go out in the sun or play on the beach/ in water, and also, it was raining. So we headed over to the movies and saw 50/50. It's the story about a young man who gets cancer and is well, trying to live with it. It's a dramedy half drama, half comedy, but it was a good movie overall. The second movie we watched was The Ides of March, which also was good, but in a different, more serious way. When we weren't in the theater, Camille and I were talking about our travels and everything else in life. She and I are both very similar and it was nice to finally hang out with someone who is still traveling around the world. She is leaving for Columbia to see her Love, which I think is super romantic.

So anyways, we get back from our day of movies and popcorn, and settle down for a bit and I have my dinner. Well a little bit after I take my antibiotics for the evening, I get this sharp, shooting pain in my chest, and it got hard for me to breath. thinking that it was the room I was in, I step outside of the dorm and attempt to clear my head and chest. Well, it wasn't working. After about 5-10 minutes of me trying to breath while sitting down, I realized this is not normal and I went to the ER. By taxi though, I didn't want to cause a commotion. So I went to the ER, was there for almost 4 hours, was wired up to heart monitors, blood pressure things, O2 whatnots, and had a urine and blood test. What they come to find out is that I have mild Pancreatitis. I asked the doctor how it happened and he said for people my age it's very uncommon and that this case is unknown.

So coming home is the final diagnosis. Hawaii just doesn't want me to be here right now as she's been kicking my ass. I'll be back Friday late night, but I feel that I will just want to sleep for a few days in a normal bed, so figure out your plans for next week and then I'll try to hang out.

Aloha for the last time, at least from Hawaii in 2011.
<3 Joya

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