Thursday, August 30, 2012

Less than a week!!!

I'm leaving in less than a week. People keep asking me how I am feeling, as I will be gone for around 16 months (plus or minus depending on how things go). I tell them I'm feeling a little bit of everything.

Anxious: Honestly, who wouldn't be? I'm leaving all my family and most of my friends for a good chunk of time. Traveling to strange places, won't know the native languages, worried about diseases (which the health clinics make sure you are aware of!), money issues, credit card issues, getting lost, getting things stolen, me getting stolen (Damn the movie Taken!). You know, things outside of the sweet, small state of VT.

Excited: I get to get outside of the sweet, small state of VT! I get to explore new cultures, meet new people, travel to exotic places, eat some amazing food and discover somethings that rarely people ever do (Trans-Mongolian rail!) And I get to see some old friends, which I am really excited for as we are all travelers!

Scared: I really hope this isn't another flop like Hawaii was. I know that I need to live on my own, out of Vermont and out of my comfort zone. Living in Australia for 9-12 months seems kind of scary, especially since I can't rely on my family to help me out in a sticky situation. For example, dealing with paperwork-whether it's taxes, apartment stuff, bills, etc, my parents have helped me figure out how to do it, or showed me what to do. I know it sound silly, but I'm kind of scared I might mess something up and get deported. :(

Proud: Not to many people can say that have traveled the world. Hopefully in 16 months, I can say that. I will have help from my friends along the way, and from Tom, but I a lot of it will be coming from me, and I am proud that I am doing it again, even after everything that happened in Hawaii. 

Sad: I'm gonna miss everyone and VT. But not too sad, since I will have Skype, email, this blog and Facebook! Technology today is so wonderful. :)

Loved and inspired: Everyone have talked to about this trip has given me some good advice or good luck. It's amazing what stories people can tell you about traveling if you just ask them. I have friends who I haven't talked to or seen in years and they are willing to help me out, or even new friends I have just met telling me where to go and what to see. It's truly wonderful and I thank everyone!

Rushed: I have less than a week and I need to pack, sort out my phone, figure out my bank accounts, sell the car, organize my room, say goodbye to all of my friends and I feel like there is always more stuff! Ahh!

And on that note, I must leave you to start completing the things in the Rushed category! 

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