Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So, I'm sorry that I never finished up Thailand, let alone any of Australia.

So let's start with the end of Thailand. When I left off, I was on my way to Bangkok. I ended up meeting a kid from Melbourne, (where I was going), on my last day/ night and we spent some time together so I could figure out the city. It's crazy to think now how I had no idea of what to expect from Melbourne. People were telling me different suburbs to live in, but they didn't explain that they were suburbs, so as I was trying to find a house, I was getting very confused. Not only that, but rent was configured per week, not per month. And then I had to figure out if there was a bed included or not. Needless to say I was pretty confused to start. But luckily I got to Couchsurf in the beginning. Also, while Tom was traveling to Cambodia, he met a girl who was looking for a subletter in Melbourne (pronounce Mel burn, not Mel born). Millie was going to be traveling till the end of the month, so I at least had a place to stay for a bit.

I couch surfed in an area called Footscray, a poorer community with a large and diverse group of people. "Similar to Queens" I told my parents. Not sure if that comforted them. But anyways, after my interesting couch surfing experience, including heaps of dumpster dive food, I moved to Brighton. I got to know the south east part of Melbourne and really enjoyed it. I had a coffee shop right by the train station where I got my morning coffee for free.

I pretty much blew through the 2 grand I had saved up for. I didn't want to get back into work, bit once I realized I had no money, I finally got a job at a cafe/bar called Riverland Bar and Cafe. I've been there since December, and well, it's just ehh. I make $20 an hour, which covers bills and rent and other expenses, but I kinda hate it at times. I think that I'm getting over the restaurant business, the daily grind of being on your legs for 5+ hours takes it's toll, and with it being an outdoor venue, the elements can make it unbearable at times too. But I really enjoy the people and I'm kinda learning how to make proper cappuccinos and lattes, unlike American versions. Melbourites are very peculiar with their coffees. It can't be too hot or you burn the milk, it has to be the right creaminess, the ratio of foam has to be just right, the bubbles in the milk can't be too big, etc etc. It's alway funny when American customers come in and want a black coffee, or even better, a light beer. Light beer in AU means light alcohol content, not less calories. So when someone, who has a distinct American accent comes along and asks, I always point them to our lights in taste beer. Especially when they want a Budweiser. They do have Bud heavy here, but it's much sweeter and quite disgusting. I usually point them to Tasmanian Pale Ale which is more of a lager beer.

Anyways, I'm in Elsternwick now, which is right next to Brighton and I still go to my favorite coffee shop!

As for what I'm doing with my social life, well, not a whole lot. I stay in most nights to save money, I like to watch TV, I go out for dinners and drinks occasionally, I like to go to the nice parks, the beaches, and yea. I eat sleep and work.

Since coming to Australia, I've discovered a lot more about myself and continue to do so each day. I've had some moments where I think I want to come home or move back stateside. I have moments where I want an office job. I have moments where I want to tell my chef to fuck off and get that pointed, jagged stick out of his ass for being such a c***. And no, not used as a nice term (friends here sometimes uses the word cunt and mate as a diss). But when I talk to people about what's next in my adventure, I get nervous and excited to travel once again. And that's the problem with my life right now. I feel stuck, but now that I have most of my bills paid off, I am able to start saving once again and look for my next adventure!

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